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Jeff Walker is the creator of the internet famous Product Launch Formula. Jeff has personally generated millions of dollars with his own product launches and his students have generated over $500 million collectively with their product launches. In other words, this guy knows what he’s doing.

In 2014, he published his book, Launch: An Internet Millionaire’s Secret Formula To Sell Almost Anything Online, Build A Business You Love, And Live The Life Of Your Dreams

Here are my top 10 takeaways from the book Launch.

“I believe that entrepreneurs are the future of humanity. They’re the ones who are driving human progress, creating jobs, and building real value in the world. And that’s one of the reasons I’m so passionate about my business – it’s all about helping entrepreneurs and would be entrepreneurs.” ~ p. xvi

Jeff makes the bold claim that entrepreneurs are the future of humanity… and I think he’s absolutely correct. Scientists, engineers, and technologist may be creating the technology and having the breakthroughs but it is the entrepreneur who is using the new technologies in practical ways that impact people’s lives. Elon Musk is a great example of an entrepreneur who is literally creating our future. Through his efforts with Tesla Motors, he has swayed public opinion about electric cars and now major car companies like General Motors and Ford are working on creating more electric cars as well. Elon is also reengaging the publics fascination with space through his company SpaceX. His vision is to send human beings to Mars within the next 10 years and his hope is to create a self sustaining human colony on Mars. Although every entrepreneur is not making the same waves as Elon, they are making a dent in their niche and their world as they try to create more value and impact more lives.

“The vast majority of our decisions and behaviors are based in emotions and mental programming-and then we use our precious logic to justify those decisions.” ~ p. 27

We like to think that we are logical beings but the truth is that we are not. The quickest way to not fool ourselves is to recognize the power of our emotions and growing in emotional intelligence instead of denying their influence.

“Having an email list is so powerful because your email list is your pool of clients and prospects, and this gives you the ability to create income on demand. It will require work but, the bottom line is they have an email list is a great way to generate income.” ~ p. 30

When I first started hearing other online entrepreneurs talk about the importance of an email list, I didn’t get it. I didn’t understand it’s power. Now I get it. If you cultivate the right audience in your email list and you treat them like gold by providing amazing content, you won’t be seen as an annoying email marketer but rather you’ll be viewed as a trusted advisor on that particular topic. Email is powerful if done well.

“What do you do with an email list? You build a relationship with them! You share with them insightful and helpful information to help them accomplish whatever it is that they want to accomplish. You entertain, educate, and empower. You share personal stories about yourself so that they get to know you as a person. Make it so that you become a “trusted advisor.” Never take advantage of the email list. Treat the email list like you would a friend.” ~ p. 34

Once you are convinced of the power of having an email list, the next logical question is: What do you do with it? How do you realize the power of the email list? Jeff gives a simple answer: build a relationship with your subscribers! Too many folks are constantly promoting and pushing products on their email list and it’s a big turn off. Instead, treat your email list like a group of friends. Respect them. Give them amazing and helpful content. Build trust over time and if you do that, when you do have a product to sell, you’ll have receptive ears.

“The bottom line is that if you want to build a viable business online, you NEED to focus on list building.” ~ p. 47

It took me a long time to realize this but when I finally did, it’s been a game changer. We can track thousands of dollars in sales that have come directly from our email newsletter.

‘I’m a lot like you. I found a passion for juggling when I was a kid but was told I couldn’t do it for a living. My high school guidance counselor, Mr. Pavliga, said that if I continued to pursue a career as a juggler, that by the time I was 22 I would be broke and probably homeless. Right then, I swore to myself that I would prove him wrong. A few years later, I had just turned 23 when I performed on my first Tonight Show. I was standing behind the curtain and thinking, “I hope Mr. Pavliga is watching.” It was all I could think about while I heard Johnny Carson introducing my partner and me. I was told I’d never make it as a professional juggler, but I didn’t listen to them and now I’ve been on over 100 television shows… And you can do that too! Now, I want to show you how.” p. 54

This is great copy from one of Jeff Walker’s students. Study it and see why it resonates with you emotionally.

“There’s an old saying in the direct marketing world: ‘You want to enter the conversation that’s already taking place in your prospect’s mind.’ The responses you get to a survey give you the shortcut to entering that conversation. It’s hard to overstate just how powerful this is.” ~ p. 80

When you know what your potential customers are thinking AND feeling and you can repeat it back to them, they will feel like you understand them and they might even give you the time of day to hear what you’re all about.

“Instead of screaming for attention, you attract attention by giving value before there is a hint of asking for the sale.” ~ p. 87

This is such a simple and yet powerful strategy for building up trust with others. Too many people try to start relationships by taking from others. Instead of doing that, focus on giving. Then give some more. Then do it again and again. Give the best stuff that you’ve got. Share that you know what you’re talking about and that you have the results to prove it. By doing that, you’ll develop trust and authority and when it comes time to sell, you’ll have a captive audience.

You can do a great job of teaching something if you let the students guide the process. Simply answer their questions! What wasn’t clear in the material I delivered? What did I need to go back and cover more thoroughly? What unanswered questions do you have? ~ p. 119


Have an abundance mentality and not a scarcity mentality. If you help other people, even others who might think they are competitors, only good things will happen. Example: there was a competing stock market newsletter and eventually that person asked Jeff a question and Jeff took the time to answered it. They developed a friendship and a few years later that person got tired of writing that newsletter and actually gave Jeff his email list of thousands of subscribers! ~ p. 172

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